Inflammation: A Complex Problem

Mathematical Modelling: Forecasting Cancer

Drugs: Blood Battles

The Vetting Process

Four Ways to Reinvent the Internet

Clinical Epidemiology: Archived Answers


What You Need To Know About the Toxins In Your Groceries


July 2012:

EuroGEOSS Broker: Finding Common Ground for Earth Sciences

July 2013:
EarthCube Brings Big Data Sets to Diverse Researchers

Popular Science

August 2012:
Pothole Mending Machine 

July 2012:
Building Islands that Rise with the Sea

June 2012:
How Astronauts Train at the Bottom of the Sea

February 2012:
How it Works: Salmon Transport

February 2012:
6 Places on Earth that Most Resemble Other Planets 

September 2011:
Birth Control for Wild Beasts
May 2011:
Chilled Out: New Refrigeration Technology

October 2010:
Instant Expert: Easy Freshwater 
July 2010:
Down on the Pharm
April 2010:
30 Second Science: What’s that Smell? 
December 2009:
30 Second Science: Plants to the Rescue
August 2009:
30 Second Science: Applied Math
June 2009:
Are We Unintentionally Breeding Hordes of Killer Super-Animals?


Wired Magazine

July 2012:   NASA Tests Robotic Gas Station Attendant 

January 2012:
Building a 3-D Printer for Supercool Ice Objects 

December 2011:
Learn the Science and Art of Persuasion (Hint: No Slow Talking)

November 2011:
Wired’s Lab-Tested, Muppet-Vetted Formulas for Smartifying Your Life 

September 2011:
Retired Tanks and Jets House Marine Life

July 2011:
Science Cheats: Hit a Bank Shot 

April 2011:
Science Cheats: Navigate the Great Indoors 

February 2011:
Science Cheats: Suss Out a Lie
November 2010:
Science Cheats: Win a Coin Toss
August 2010:
Science Cheats: Learn a New Language Fast
July 2010:
Science Cheats: Deliver Bad News in a Good Way 
June 2010:
Science Cheats: Catch A Bouquet at a Wedding
March 2010:
NASA’s New Jumbo Jet Keeps Giant Eye on the Heavens
November 2009:
How to: Do Speedy Math
September 2009:
ATMs by the Numbers
June 2009:
Epic Journey of a Water-Gulping Sea Droid
April 2009:
Stock-Boy Bots Are Stealing American Jobs 

10 Best Geeky Last Words 
February 2009:
Infoporn: Today’s Playmates Are More Like Anime Figures Than Real Humans
December 2008:

10 Best NASA Spinoffs
November 2008:   Bitebot Tastes the Chemistry of Flavor
October 2008:   Leroy Hood: Look to the Genome to Rebuild Health Care 
September 2008:   What Your Boss Can Learn from Bugs and Bees 
August 2008: Updata: Dire Prognosis for Once-Promising Artificial Blood 
Most Dangerous Object in the Office this Month: Neodymium Supermagnets 
3 Smart Things About Sunburn 
June 2008: Flight Delayed? Cool Your Jets in a Giant New Air Terminal 
What We’ll Miss About Bill Gates — a Very Long Good-Bye 
WTF!? Internet Addiction Nominated for Entry in the Manual of Mental
Take On Any Map By Getting Visual Web Extra: Behind the Camera with Steve Carrell 

LA Weekly

A UCLA Professor Who’s Turning Cellphones Into Microscopes to Prevent Disease 

Lily Simonson’s Paintings of Yeti Crabs Blend Art and Oceanography

See Change at LAX’s Tom Bradley Terminal

Natural History Museum Turns Angelenos into Spidercatchers

 How Refrigerators Rule Our Lives

Santa Monica’s Silicon Beach Fest

Los Angeles Magazine

Flight Club

Spin Cycle

Eight Unexpected Contraband Items That Nearly Made it Into SoCal

Can the Magic of Pixar Get Disney California Adventure Off the Ground?

Sticking Point

Game Changer

Oil of L.A.

Lights, Camera, Traction!

Cancer, the Consummate Traveler

Inside Science News Service

November 2013: Ice, Ice Bacteria (Not Too Cold)

April 2013: The Mathematical Butterfly

November 2012: Penguins: The Math Inside the Huddle

August 30, 2012: The Maturing Science of Getting Old

May 25, 2012: Medical Treatments from 200 Miles Up 

March 28, 2012: New Pill Pulls Radioactive Metals from Liquids 

February 23, 2012: Tree Ring Science Takes on the Modern Age 

February 22, 2012: Battling Obesity With Better Math Models 

February 21, 2012: Worlds’ Oceans Get an Acid Bath 

January 9, 2012: Carnivorous Plant Traps Worms with Sticky Leaves 

January 4, 2012: Trapping Butterfly Wings’ Qualities 

July 27, 2011: Earth Is Getting Fatter 

May 31, 2011: Smell Could be Key to Confusing Mosquitoes’ 

April 25, 2011: Fire Ants Assemble as a ‘Super-Organism’ 

February 24, 2011: Tracking Disease from Outer Space 

February 9, 2011: How High Can Heels Go? 

January 11, 2011: Forensic Test to Identify Hair Color from DNA 

December 20, 2010: Getting Salty with Winter Road Maintenance 

Technology Review

NASA Tests A Versatile Habitat for Long-Term Missions 

Wired Petri Dish Gives Real-Time Updates 

Mobile Health Apps That Share 

Watson Goes to the Hospital 

Future Gazing with Search Data 

Connecting Electronic Medical Records 

A Ten-Cent Blood-Type Test 

Keeping Medical Data Private 


March 23, 2012: Why Loneliness Can Be Deadly

August 27, 2012: Super-Fertile Women May Have More Miscarriages 

August 28, 2012: Sperm Quality and Quantity Declining, Mounting Evidence Suggests 

June 14, 2012: Climate Change May Worsen Plague 


University/Research Publications

Kellogg Insight: Why Broadband Prices Haven’t Decreased 

Kellogg Insight: Learning to Use Regret 

Kellogg Insight:  The Global ‘Idea’ Market 

USC Trojan Family Magazine: Space School

USC Trojan Family Magazine: Dr. Discovery: The Many Faces of Berislav

HHMI Bulletin: Room to Grow — and Learn

HHMI Bulletin: Time to Sprout

UCLA Engineer Magazine: Profile of Dean

(more work is available)

She’s Gotta Have It — In Her Dreams 
Birth Control Goes to the Dogs 
Brain Stimulation Rouses Minimally Conscious Man
Costs of Living: Women Struggle With Breast Cancer Expenses 
Doll Helps Kids Cope With Mother’s Breast Cancer 
A Diabetic at the Thanksgiving Table
Honey Treats Coughs Better Than Drugs