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Publishing time:2022-05-29 13:28:12

e+chess evo roulette cake .Russia Ukraine War: Ukrainian soldiers use pig lard dipped bullets to fight Muslim Chechens

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Image Source : AP

Ukrainian soldiers inspect a damaged military vehicle after fighting in Kharkiv.


  • In a video, Azov fighters greasing bullets with pig fat to be fired at the Muslim Chechens
  • It may remind some Indians of The Revolt of 1857
  • The Azov fighters are a far-right harbouring infantry unit of the Ukrainian military.

The official Twitter account of the National Guard of Ukraine shared a video on Monday that shows Azov fighters greasing bullets with pig fat, which will be used against Muslim Chechens who have been deployed in Ukraine.

The use of pig fat to grease bullets fired at the Muslim Chechens deployed by the Russian army is for many a reminder of the Revolt of 1857 when the British had used similar techniques against Indians. The British soldiers had launched guns which were rumored to use pig fat cartridges and had to be bitten off. Pigs were considered to be unclean by Muslims. 

In the video, a man, purportedly a member of the Azov fighters is seen to be dipping bullets into what appears to be pig fat as he addresses the Chechen fighters.

He seems to say, “Dear Muslim brothers. In our country, you will not go to heaven. You will not be allowed into heaven. Go home, please. Here, you will encounter trouble. Thank you for your attention, goodbye.”

The Azov fighters are a far-right harbouring infantry unit of the Ukrainian military. They are accused of harbouring neo-Nazi and white supremacist ideology. They first fought alongside the Ukrainian army in the east of the country in 2014 against pro-Russia separatists and have since been incorporated into the regular armed forces.

Although the Azov fighters have been a part of the military, they are reported to wear the Wolfsangel insignia that was used by a number of Nazi divisions during WWII.

Russian President Vladimir Putin had stated the presence of such units in the Ukrainian army was one of the reasons for launching the special military operation against Ukraine.

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