This Is Your Body On Laughter

Lowering blood pressure, improving memory and decreasing stress hormones? Laughter can have a significant impact on the body, and it turns out that researchers are turning up the pressure on studying it. This was my first story for Pacific Standard Magazine’s website, and I’m… Continue Reading

To Catch a Performance-Enhancer

I recently wrote about a new analytical technique that could help nab athletes who are trying to gain an illegal edge through drugs. In reporting this story, I was surprised to find out that shooters, boxers, and skiers sometimes use alcohol (or beta blockers) to… Continue Reading

Are locusts the new shrimp?

That’s what Marcel Dicke, an entomologist and author of a new insect cookbook, told me. If you like bacon, Dicke says you may enjoy buffalo worms (which are not worms but larvae of the buffalo beetle). I got to dig into the world of insect-based… Continue Reading

Science Does the Dog Paddle

I recently wrote a story for the Inside Science News Service about new research on the doggie paddle. It was a really fun story to report — the lead author, Frank Fish (I refrained from asking him if he gets a lot of comments… Continue Reading


KinderLab meets the world

In October, I started a blog with the brand-spankin’-new Popular Science blog network. KinderLab covers the science of early child development — when kids start to lie, the evolution of crawling, how baby pics can foretell eye cancer, and how playing in a high… Continue Reading


I contributed to an awesome October Discover cover story about the new science of food safety. The issue was partially inspired by the MIT Knight bootcamp in food science, at which I was a fellow this spring.  

New website

New Website is live!   This is just the first post of the new website. I’ll be migrating over all of my content soon, and posting a lot more articles to this site. Stay tuned!