Some examples of my work are below.

The Atlantic

The Human Cost of Amber

Video: A Substance Like Nothing Else on Earth

Killer Whales: “Transient” Orcas Now Dominating An Entire Sea

A Pandemic Pregnancy Is a More Dangerous Pregnancy

The New York Times

Styles: Is Air a Scam? 

The Psychic Toll of a Pandemic Pregnancy

How to Deal With Public Bathrooms During Coronavirus

Does Online Babysitting Work?

Should You Have a Home Birth Because of Coronavirus?


How the Anti-Vaccine Community is Responding to COVID-19

Panic Dilemma: Self-Isolating from a Newborn


Herschel, the Very Hungry Sea Lion

National Geographic

Touch-Free Archeology


The Eclipse Hunters

The Guardian

Superbloom: Can this tiny California town avoid another ‘flowermaggedon’?

The shutdown is over. Can Joshua Tree recover? 

High-cat diet: urban coyotes feast on pets, study finds

Deep Ocean May Be Riddled With Microplastics


Experimenting with Blockchain

Four Ways to Reinvent the Internet

Clinical Epidemiology: Archived Answers


Childhood Amnesia: Understanding the Symptoms and Causes

Scientific American

Dance It Out


Is Zero-Emission Freight Possible?

Why Public Health Researchers are Looking to Urban Trees

Popular Science

Pothole Mending Machine 
Building Islands that Rise with the Sea
How Astronauts Train at the Bottom of the Sea
How it Works: Salmon Transport
6 Places on Earth that Most Resemble Other Planets 
Birth Control for Wild Beasts
Chilled Out: New Refrigeration Technology
Instant Expert: Easy Freshwater 
Down on the Pharm


Fight Flu With Tobacco
Building a 3-D Printer for Supercool Ice Objects 
Learn the Science and Art of Persuasion (Hint: No Slow Talking)
Wired’s Lab-Tested, Muppet-Vetted Formulas for Smartifying Your Life 
Retired Tanks and Jets House Marine Life
Science Cheats: Hit a Bank Shot 
Science Cheats: Navigate the Great Indoors 
Science Cheats: Suss Out a Lie
Infoporn: Today’s Playmates Are More Like Anime Figures Than Real Humans

LA Weekly

A UCLA Professor Who’s Turning Cellphones Into Microscopes to Prevent Disease 

Lily Simonson’s Paintings of Yeti Crabs Blend Art and Oceanography

See Change at LAX’s Tom Bradley Terminal

Natural History Museum Turns Angelenos into Spidercatchers

 How Refrigerators Rule Our Lives

Los Angeles Magazine

Flight Club

Spin Cycle

Eight Unexpected Contraband Items That Nearly Made it Into SoCal

Sticking Point

Game Changer

Oil of L.A.

Lights, Camera, Traction!

Cancer, the Consummate Traveler

Inside Science News Service

The Tech Behind Smart Guns

Bison Slaughter’s Destructive Legacy for Native Americans

Penguins: the Math Behind the Huddle

Technology Review

NASA Tests A Versatile Habitat for Long-Term Missions 

Wired Petri Dish Gives Real-Time Updates 

Mobile Health Apps That Share 

Watson Goes to the Hospital